Carbon Fiber UAV Customization

Carbon Fiber UAV Customization

With the wide application of Carbon Fiber composites in large civil airliners, their use in UAVs is also considered the best way to lighten the weight. Compared with traditional metal materials, carbon fiber composites have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, fatigue resistance and salt spray erosion resistance, and their application in UAV structures can greatly improve and enhance the overall performance of UAVs. According to the comparison, the use of carbon fiber composites in UAVs can reduce the mass of the airframe by 25%-45%. It can be said that the application of carbon fiber composites plays an important role in the lightweight, miniaturization and high performance of the UAV structure.

 Specific advantages of Carbon Fiber:     
       1, Specific strength and stiffness: Compared with other metal materials, in the premise of meeting the same strength and stiffness of the UAV body, the high specific strength and high specific stiffness of carbon fiber composite materials can greatly reduce the quality of the UAV body, reduce the cost of the UAV load, so that the UAV has a longer flight distance and flight time.
       2,Integrated molding: UAV often need to have a high degree of wing-body integration of the overall aerodynamic shape of the flying wing, the need to use a large area in the structure of integrated molding technology. And after simulation and simulation calculation, carbon fiber composite materials can not only be integrally molded in a large area by molding, curing outside the hot press tank or RTM resin transfer molding and other processes, but also can introduce automatic assembly line production process to improve production efficiency.    
       3, Corrosion and heat resistance: carbon fiber composite materials also have excellent corrosion and heat resistance, can withstand the corrosion of water and a variety of media in nature and the impact of thermal expansion, can meet the special requirements of the UAV in a variety of working conditions long service life, reduce maintenance and use costs.
       4, Implanted chip or alloy conductor: carbon fiber composite materials can also be implanted chip or alloy conductor, forming a structural whole with intelligence, can be used in harsh environments for a long time, and will not damage the performance of the implanted equipment, and can reliably perform special tasks. 
After aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and other lightweight metal materials, carbon fiber composite materials have become the "main" material for UAVs. It can be said that the structural design and manufacturing technology of UAVs with carbon fiber composite materials as the core has become a key technology for the development of UAVs. SMARTNOBLE Technology Co., Ltd. uses carbon fiber composite parts manufacturing technology to provide carbon fiber drone housing, main plate, bracket and other parts for aerospace, military industry, surveying and mapping, and other drones.

The UAV is very good at achieving light weight, weighing only 3.8KG, which is very good at ensuring the long-term endurance of the UAV. The sustained flight time is improved by 60%.

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