Carbon Fiber battery case

Carbon Fiber battery case

carbon fiber
The momentum of the development of new energy vehicles is very rapid, that new energy vehicles use even if the battery to provide electricity to drive the vehicle, there have been many people buy new energy vehicles, in the advantages of new energy vehicles, range has become the main point of concern for many manufacturers, that for this situation, on the one hand to produce a high-performance car battery, and also to ensure the stability of the battery; the other hand is to control the vehicle The other is to control the weight of the vehicle. These two powerful needs, carbon fiber battery box is well applied, this article will talk about the practical application of automotive carbon fiber battery box benefits.

carbon fiber
Weight reduction advantages

       Usually a car weighs around 1.7 tons, that if it is a large car, it will be heavier, a lot of kinetic energy of our vehicle will be consumed by this weight, that reduce the body weight, no doubt can be very good to make the range longer. In addition, after the body becomes lighter, it will also make the vehicle's performance advantage is improved, new energy vehicles are also the same reason.

  That new energy vehicle battery box using carbon fiber, it can well achieve the reduction of self-weight situation, carbon fiber density is 1.5 ~ 2.0g/cm3, the same area, greatly reducing the vehicle's own quality, but also very well to achieve the effect we want.

Performance advantage
  New energy vehicles, the core of the kinetic energy is the battery, the battery pack can have a good environment, determine whether we use the vehicle is convenient, carbon fiber battery box, a good inheritance of the mechanical properties of carbon fiber, tensile strength can reach 3500Mpa, is 7 times the steel, that the new energy vehicles battery box is mainly placed in the vehicle chassis suspension, the use of high-performance carbon fiber battery box can Very good protection of the battery pack in actual use, the impact of complex roads on him.
Durable performance
  Carbon fiber battery box in addition to the above advantages, there are many advantages, such as corrosion resistance of the battery pack, because there is no way to fix the vehicle driving environment, then for the car carbon fiber battery box, it should have a very good waterproof, fire, dustproof effect, carbon fiber battery box in these areas also have very good advantages.

  The new energy car carbon fiber battery box for the overall product design requirements are relatively high, then this should have very good production and processing experience, to be able to produce high-performance carbon fiber battery box, SMARTNOBLE has the production experience, can very well meet the needs of each type of carbon fiber battery box, welcome to consult. That automotive carbon fiber battery box is also the update of technology, can better promote the transformation of our automotive industry, enhance the performance advantages of the car.

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