C Series Push pull Connector from SMARTNOBLE

C Series Push pull Connector from SMARTNOBLE

C Series push pull Connector,waterproof male female push pull connectorCable Assembly Provide users with a complete personalized connector component processing scheme,advanced production and testing equipment, experienced management and technical personnel,rigorous process, clear process, and standardized operation to ensure that each component meets the user requirements.

C Series push pull Connector Features:
(1) Full size, available from 0C to 3C;
(2) Welding and printed plate connecting the needle core;
(3) The plug size is greater than 5,000 times;
(4) temperature range: -55 ℃ ~ 145 ℃;
(5) Salt spray corrosion test: greater than 96h;
(6) Safe valve push and pull self-locking system;
(7) Protection level: IP68.

SMARTNOBLE connector is a well-experienced designer and supplier of interconnect technology solutions, mainly engaged in the research and development, customization, production and sales of medium and high-end electrical connectors; and providing a full set of harness forming solutions and processing services. The company has successively expanded the ISO9001 quality system certification, military standard GJB 9001C-2017 certification \ SGS production research and development ability certification and other authoritative certification. SMARTNOBLE connector products are widely used in high-end medical equipment, high-end sensor equipment, high-end surveying and mapping industry, communication industry, data mining industry, military industry and other industries Our experimental equipment: high and low temperature test box, salt fog test machine, plug and pull force test, secondary element test equipment, component swing test machine, water tight air density tester.

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