Automatic Type-4.5-Meter Antenna Platform(Fast- Tracking AE Model)

Automatic Type-4.5-Meter Antenna Platform(Fast- Tracking AE Model)

In today's fast-paced world, staying connected is more crucial than ever. SMARTNOBLE understands this need and has introduced the Fast-Tracking AE Model, an evolution of the Automatic Type-4.5-Meter Antenna Platform, designed to meet the demands of modern communication.

Automatic Type-4.5-Meter Antenna Platform(Fast- Tracking AE Model)

Product Features:
Utilization of Shaped Parabolic Antenna. 

Single-frequency or multi-frequency band combinations in C, X, Ku, Ka bands. 

The antenna features an automatic carbon fiber folding design, enabling “one- button” fully automatic operation. 

Integrated design of antenna, vehicle, and RF frontend, providing RF transmission and reception, communication, time-space reference, and centralized control functions.

Suitability for Vehicle Loading:

Suitable for adaptation to the Shaanxi and Beiben series of Class 2 chassis or trailer chassis. 

The selected vehicles can meet the requirements for equipment loading with a compact, scientifically designed, and rational layout. 

The platform integrates a 20kW silent generator, automatic leveling, electric awning, and a 2-meter equipment cabin (optional). 

It adopts a vehicle-antenna integrated design, which, while meeting high- performance requirements, further optimizes the antenna storage size to meet the first-class non-oversize requirements for railway transport. 

The project implementation cases are mature, and the technical status is stable and reliable


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