A Portable Antenna for Starlink Satellites

A Portable Antenna for Starlink Satellites

At SMARTNOBLE, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology to provide innovative solutions that meet the demands of the satellite communication industry. Our portable antennas capable of tracking Starlink satellites are a testament to our dedication to excellence in engineering and satellite communication.

A Portable Antenna(0.9 meters/1.2  meters/1.8 meters/2.4 meters) Capable of Tracking Starlink Satellites

In 2020, our institute developed antennas with XY-axis mounts specifically designed to track various low Earth orbit satellites.

It can achieve overhead tracking with diameters ranging from 0.9 meters to 2.4 meters, and by changing the feed, it can track low Earth orbit satellites in the L, S, X, Ku, Ka, and Q frequency bands.

My department has successfully used the above-mentioned antennas to track Starlink satellites, and the performance has been excellent. We have also hosted on-site inspections by users.


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