SMARTNOBLE M50E Industrial SLM 3D Printers

SMARTNOBLE M50E Industrial SLM 3D Printers

Smartnoble M50E is a new generation of metal 3D printers for the vocational education industry.
Its biggest feature is that it can perform metal 3D printing without inert gas protection. It is easy to operate and has no exhaust
system, thus saving exhaust time and protective gas costs, very suitable for low-cost education and training work, providing
complete metal 3D printing operations and skills training for students and vocational trainees.

SMARTNOBLE M50E Industrial SLM 3D Printers
Small-sized Selective Laser Melting Equipment with High Manufacturing Accuracy
Work without protective gas: Metal 3D forming without protective gas, saving exhaust time and protective gas costs.
High precision and strong stability: High-precision scanning  galvanometer ensure high precision and strong stability.
Dual circulation wind site protection system: Dual-circulation wind site protection system to extend the lifespan of the optical components.
High security Multiple safety insurance: high safety performance.
Ideal Applications
New materials and processes R&D
Scientific Research
Jewelry industry

Technical Data
External Dimensions L×W×H
720X 810X 1500mm (28.3X31.8X59 in)
Build Cylinder SizeL×W×H
φ70X50mm (φ2.7X1.9 in)
Layer Thickness
0.02mm~0.1mm ( 0.0008-0.0039 in )
Scanning Speed
Laser Type
30W Yb-Fiber Laser/Fiber Laser 30W (wind cool)
High Precision Scanning System
Inert Gas Protection
Operating System
64 bit Windows 10
Comprehensive Software
Smart 3D Self-developed Control System
Data File Format
STL or Other Convertible Format
Power Supply
220V AC 50/60HZ 16A
Operating Ambient Temperature
Customized Metal Alloy Materials
Powder Delivery
Double Cylinder One Way Powder Feeding

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