79 Type Rifle Tactical Rail

79 Type Rifle Tactical Rail

Tactical Rail System Technical parameters:
Model: SN-79DGG
Material: Aviation Aluminium alloy 6061-T6
Colour: black
Oxidation level: hard oxide
Weight: 448g
Dimensions: (L) 290mm x (W) 56mm x (H) 54mm



Product Description | Tactical Rail System

The Type 79 Tactical Rail is an adapter rail specifically designed to enhance the Type 79's ability to carry highly accurate sights in combat. This rail is combined with Type 79 according to its structure and performance characteristics, with stable performance, guaranteeing the stable working of tactical components mounted to Type 79, solving the problem that Type 79 does not have a Picatinny rail to carry foreign high precision sights. More importantly, it enables the shooting accuracy of various mounted scopes to be freely adjusted to the mounted position without being affected by dismantling.
The Type 79 tactical rail is hard-anodised to military specification, with the advantages of wear and corrosion resistance, non-reflective, etc. It can be upgraded to a Type 79 tactical system with various tactical components such as holographic sights, internal red dot sights, tactical lights, laser pointer, laser glare, quick-release three-dot or single-dot gun belt, etc. according to the different tactical tasks.

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