4-axis 16L (oil-powered UAV)

4-axis 16L (oil-powered UAV)

4-axis 16L (oil-powered UAV) 

Enhance Configuration(Pls PM for more info)

1.Ascent or Descent according to Terrain Imitative Earth.
2.Obstacle avoidance Function, Surrounding Obstacles detection.
3.RTK Precise Positioning.

4-axis 16L (oil-powered UAV) Technical Parameters

Diagonal Wheelbase (mm)2000mm
Size (mm):(Folded) :650*650*700mm
Operation Power60v  
Product weight35kg
Spray Width9M/S
Flight control systemmicrogram
Remote controlH12
Propeller blade40 blades
Brushless electric modulationTohang
Product fuel consumption6.5-7l/h
Product power6.5kw
Endurance time30min
Control distance5km
Flight altitudemax.300m
Tank volume2.5l
Fuel ratio40:1
Maintenance time:150h
Maximum take-off weight: 55kg



Standard Configuration

  1. Attitude mode
  1. GPS mode
  1. Two-pump mode
  1. Protection mode (return, landing, hover)
  1. AB job, fully autonomous mode
  1. Out-of-control continue operation, drug break protection function, vibration protection function, star loss protection function,
  1. Imitation mine-radar module: strong penetration (including fog smoke light rain) is not affected by light, strong anti-interference ability
  1. Good environmental applicability, stable performance, detection distance of 15 m.


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