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Cheap Military Thermal Binocular | Military Thermal Binocular Factory

What we mean by infrared thermal imager is a thermal imaging instrument, through the use of optical imaging principle and infrared detectors, will we not with the naked eye observation of infrared energy converted to us with the naked eye can see the thermal images, and then we are according to the different color of thermal images appear to us to determine the temperature of the observed objects.

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Military infrared thermal imager

Only military infrared thermal imagers can produce good images. It does not need to use starlight, moonlight, but uses the difference of thermal radiation of objects to image. The temperature is high when the screen is bright, and low when the screen is dark. Good MILITARY INFRARED THERMAL IMAGERS CAN REFLECT TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCES OF ONE THOUSANDTH OF a DEGREE, SO THEY CAN DETECT VEHICLES, PEOPLE, AND EVEN BURIED OBJECTS HIDDEN IN TREES and GRASS THROUGH smoke, RAIN, snow, AND CAMOUFLAGE.
Infrared thermal imaging night vision instrument is a branch of thermal imager, the traditional thermal imager is more hand-held, rather than telescope type, mainly used in traditional engineering detection. At the end of last century, with the development of thermal imaging technology, the United States military gradually began to equip with infrared thermal imaging night vision equipment due to the technical advantages of thermal imaging technology over traditional night vision equipment. Infrared thermal night vision, also known as a thermal imaging telescope, can still be used well during the day, but it is called infrared thermal night vision because it is mainly used at night.

Military infrared thermal imager

Ocular features of military thermal binocular

The atmosphere and clouds absorb visible light and near-infrared rays, but are transparent to thermal infrared rays of three to five microns and eight to 14 microns. Therefore, these two bands are known as the "atmospheric Windows" of thermal infrared. Using these two Windows, people can be completely dark night, or in the misty battlefield, clearly observe the situation ahead. Because of this feature, thermal infrared imaging technology militarily provides advanced night vision equipment and all-weather forward vision systems for aircraft, ships and tanks. These systems played a very important role in the Gulf War.

Ocular features of military thermal binocular

Synchronous viewing and remote control of the military thermal binocular on your phone

The dual-barrel thermal imager connects to smart devices such as mobile phones (Android and iOS) through the built-in Wi-Fi of the thermal imager, and users can do so by downloading a free APP from the app store. Through the APP software on the mobile phone, you can watch the images displayed in the eyepiece in real time, remotely control the functions such as taking photos and recording, remotely set GPS and other parameters, and play/download/delete/share pictures and video files with one click.

Here is a supplementary explanation about the function of one-click sharing in mobile APP operation. I find this feature very handy, especially in today's world where short videos are king. The interesting videos captured by the hot camera can be shared on Douyin short video platform with one click, or shared to your friends on wechat, or directly posted to moments, of course, you can also send large video files in the form of email.

Synchronous viewing and remote control of the military thermal binocular on your phone
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