Best Price Military Laser Range Finder | Military Grade Laser Range Finder

Best Price Military Laser Range Finder | Military Grade Laser Range Finder

The characteristics and general performance of military pulsed laser rangefinders for tactical and strategic use mainly include ruby, Raman frequency shift: glass pulse laser rangefinders, and their general performance is listed in Table 1. 1. Ruby pulse laser rangefinder 0.69μm ruby pulse laser rangefinder is the first generation of military laser rangefinder, its structure is simple and compact.

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What is a laser rangefinder

Laser rangefinder is an instrument that uses a certain parameter of modulated laser to measure the distance of a target. It was invented by Meiman, a scientist of Hughes Aircraft Company in the United States, in 196. It began to be used in the military field in 1961. As the price of laser rangefinder continues to fall, the industry gradually begins to use infrared rangefinder. With the development of laser rangefinder, it is widely used in various fields, including terrain measurement, battlefield measurement, tank, aircraft, ship and artillery target ranging layer, aircraft, missile and satellite altitude, etc; In industry, it is mainly used in industrial measurement and control, mines, ports and other fields

What is a laser rangefinder

Application of laser rangefinder in military field

Both remote rangefinder and laser Doppler vitometer use optical structures and laser light sources. The price of a single device is not very expensive and the cost is not high. However, similar devices can measure not only the distance of the object, but also the displacement, velocity, acceleration and other vibration data of the object.
When measuring distance and vibration at the same time, two devices are needed, which is complicated to operate and costly to invest.
Laser rangefinder is an instrument that uses laser light to accurately measure the distance to a target. When the laser rangefinder is working, it shoots a very thick laser beam at the target, and the photoelectric element receives the reflected laser beam from the target.
The timer measures the time from firing to receiving the laser beam and calculates the distance from the observer to the target.
Laser rangefinder is slow in weight, large in volume, easy to operate, fast and accurate in ranging, and its error is only one fifth to one hundred times that of other optical rangefinder.
Therefore, they are widely used in topographic survey, battlefield survey, target ranging of tanks, aircraft, ships and artillery, and altitude measurement of clouds, aircraft, missiles and artificial satellites. It is the key technical equipment to improve the shooting accuracy of tanks, aircraft, ships and artillery.

Application of laser rangefinder in military field

Characteristics of military rangefinders

The main characteristics of military rangefinder is the measuring distance is relatively long, high precision, easy to carry. In general, the main laser range finder is used, and the following is the relevant principle

Laser range finder is an instrument that uses laser to accurately measure the distance to the target. The laser rangefinder shoots a very thin laser to the target when it is working. The photoelectric element receives the laser beam reflected from the target. The timer measures the time from the laser beam to the reception and calculates the distance from the observer to the target.

If the laser is fired continuously, the measurement range can reach about 40 kilometers, and can be operated day and night. If the laser is pulsed, the absolute accuracy is generally low, but for long-distance measurement, it can achieve a good relative accuracy.

Characteristics of military rangefinders
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