Custom Military Fire Suppression System

Custom Military Fire Suppression System

Fire extinguishing system is widely used. Fire extinguishing system generally includes automatic fire alarm system, gas fire extinguishing system, foam fire extinguishing system, smoke prevention and exhaust system and fire hydrant system. When the fire extinguishing system is working, the working principle of the automatic alarm system is that when the parameter exceeds a certain initial threshold, the alarm signal will be sent to the alarm controller through the connecting wire, and the location of the fire will be shown when the sound and light alarm signals are sent.

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What is the structural characteristics of fire extinguishing system?

Gas extinguishing systems are classified according to structural characteristics
1. Fire extinguishing system without pipe network (also known as prefabricated fire extinguishing system)
The fire extinguishing system without pipe network refers to the fire extinguishing system which is designed and assembled in advance according to certain application conditions, such as fire extinguishing agent storage device and spray assembly, and has linkage control function. It is also called prefabricated fire extinguishing system. The system is divided into two types: cabinet type gas extinguishing device and hanging type gas extinguishing device, which is suitable for small, no special requirements of the protection area.
2. Pipe network fire extinguishing system
Pipe network fire extinguishing system refers to the fire extinguishing system that transmits the fire extinguishing agent from the storage device to the spray assembly through the dry pipe and branch pipe according to certain application conditions.
The pipe network system can be divided into combined distribution system and unit independent system.
Combined distribution system refers to a gas fire extinguishing system that uses a set of fire extinguishing system storage devices to protect two or more protected areas or protected objects at the same time. The design amount of fire extinguishing agent in the combined distribution system is determined according to the maximum protection area or protected object. If fire extinguishing is needed in a protected area in the combined distribution system, the fire extinguishing agent can be released in a directional manner by controlling the selection valve or container valve. A combined distribution system should not protect more than eight zones.
Unit independent system refers to a fire extinguishing system that protects a protected area with a set of fire extinguishing agent storage devices. Generally speaking, the protection area protected by the unit independent system is independent in position, far away from other protection areas and not easy to combine, or two protection areas are adjacent, but there is the possibility of fire at the same time. For a protected area including more than two enclosed Spaces can also be protected by a unit independent system, but the design must be so that the system storage extinguishing agent can meet the needs of the several enclosed Spaces at the same time, and can supply their respective required fire dose. When a large amount of fire extinguishing dose is needed in two protection zones, two or more units of independent systems can be used to protect one protection zone, but these systems must be designed to work synchronously.

What is the structural characteristics of fire extinguishing system?

Working principle of automatic fire alarm system

Automatic fire alarm system should be installed by the trigger, disaster alarm, disaster alarm device and the power of four parts, such as fire alarm process roughly: when smoke, fire parameters such as temperature, light gas concentration exceeds a given threshold, fire detector, issued a report to the police, the signal through the connecting wires to the regional fire alarm control unit and (or) concentrated fire alarm controller, Send out sound, light alarm signal, and show the location of the fire, in order to inform the fire personnel on duty to respond, which is the working principle of the automatic fire alarm system we usually say.

Working principle of automatic fire alarm system

What are the functions and working principles of the gas fire extinguishing system

Gas fire extinguishing system is mainly used in setting water fire extinguishing system is not suitable for other fire extinguishing equipment used in the environment, such as in computer rooms, libraries, archives, and mobile communication devices, general diesel generator room, inside the battery compartment and some other places need to use the gas fire extinguishing equipment.
1. Automatic fire control system
The fire extinguishing system is a control mode of automatic fire alarm controller select key, set to "automatic" position, the fire extinguishing system can be in a state of is the automatic control system, if reserve as soon as possible after the fire, the system of fire detector will signal that the fire, the fire alarm controller are then have the signal light, sound signals, At the same time, the alarm and fire control controller will issue the linkage command, close the interlocking equipment, issue the fire extinguishing command, open the start valve, and quickly release the fire extinguishing gas. When starting the gas, it is through the start pipeline, open the corresponding container valve and selection valve, release a large amount of fire extinguishing agent, and implement the fire extinguishing function.
2, fire electrical manual control
The fire extinguishing electrical manual control of the gas fire extinguishing system is the control mode above the automatic fire alarm gas fire extinguishing controller. It is OK to dial the selection button to the "manual" position, and the fire extinguishing system will be in the state of manual control. Once there is a fire in the protection area, you can press the button of manual controller to start the fire extinguishing system, and then the fire extinguishing system will release a large amount of extinguishing agent to implement the fire extinguishing function. Even if the device is in the automatic control state, it can still achieve the purpose of electrical manual control.
Gas fire extinguishing system is an essential fire extinguishing facility in an important place. With this kind of fire extinguishing facility, there is no need to worry about the danger brought by fire. This kind of gas will not cause harm to personnel, it is environmental protection gas.

What are the functions and working principles of the gas fire extinguishing system
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