Military Drone Pod Manufacturer | Odm Military Drone Pod

Military Drone Pod Manufacturer | Odm Military Drone Pod

A pod is a short, streamlined section fitted with an onboard device or weapon and suspended under the fuselage or wing. It can be fixed (e.g., engine pods) or detachable (e.g., weapon pods). Adding pods to the aircraft allows it to perform functions it does not have on its own, often requiring support from onboard electronics and consideration of the overall aerodynamics of the aircraft.

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Smartnoble is an excellent manufacturer and exporter of military fire suppression, Satcom, and reconnaissance UAV drone, personal equipment such as thermal sights,laser range finder with tripod,and military&aviation connectors etc.

As a professional defense designer,producer and supplier, Smartnoble invests much in the R&D and has been dedicated to provide the world-class and military standard products.

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Functions and characteristics of UAV pod

Day and night all-weather observation, search and aiming at targets ● Day and night weather identification and tracking of specific day conditions, automatic target tracking, real-time reporting of target position and speed information · Driven mode, turning to radar detection target progress, automatic searching of electronic phase stabilization, ensuring tracking accuracy, dual field of view, long focal length, clear observation of distant targets ● CCD detector provides visible light imaging ● Laser rangefinder provides target distance information, carbon fiber shell, Aviation aluminum alloy structure, which can effectively reduce the overall weight while ensuring the strength

Functions and characteristics of UAV pod

Uav electro-optical pod of pod | he drone pod

Airborne optoelectronic pods, usually equipped with forward-looking infrared cameras, television cameras and optical sensors such as laser designators/rangefinders. According to the function, there are two types: airborne navigation pod and aiming pod.
With the development of precision guided weapon technology, aerial photoelectric pod has become an important part of precision strike system. It ISOLATES THE INFLUENCE OF THE ATTITUDE change AND MECHANICAL VIBRATION ON THE DIRECTION OF the photoelectric sensor, and it uses the photoelectric sensor to search, locate and track the target. The aerial optoelectronic pod is a system with large time delay, nonlinearity and high tracking and stability accuracy, which requires high controller design.

Uav electro-optical pod of pod | he drone pod

Brief introduction of UAV pod

The UAV pod can work in observation, early warning and tracking state all weather and all weather, and achieve accurate measurement of target distance. The system is equipped with a long focal length infrared thermal imager, which can realize accurate detection of distant targets; The system supports automatic target searching under the control of radar in slave mode

Brief introduction of UAV pod
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Smartnoble products are not only high quality also stable, such fire suppression system for tanks and armored vehicles.

Top quality in the movable and foldable 3.7meters Satcom antenna.

Smartnoble has the best price performance in the reconnaissance drone, VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) is convenient to operate with controller and little space limit of takeoff.

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<p>SMARTNOBLE is a well-known brand serving the defense and military industries since 2008, producing and supplying military standard components, subsystems and equipment for the Army, Navy and Aerospace.</p>

<p>Military personal equipment, military aviation and drones, military land vehicles and naval ship parts and more.</p>

<p>We have a production plant of 10,000 square meters and a production team composed of material engineers, process engineers, and quality inspection engineers.</p>

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