Antenna Satcom | Satcom Antenna

Antenna Satcom | Satcom Antenna

The satellite dish, known as the cauldron, is a metal paraboloid that reflects the satellite signal to the feed and high-frequency head at the focal point. The purpose of a satellite dish is to collect weak signals from the satellite and remove as much noise as possible. Most antennas are usually parabolic, and some multifocal antennas are made of a combination of a sphere and a paraboloid. The satellite signal is reflected off the parabolic antenna and concentrated at its focal point.

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What is a communication antenna?

An ANTENNA IS A CONVERTER THAT CONVERTS GUIDED TRAVELING WAVES PROPAGATING ON A TRANSMISSION LINE INTO ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES PROPAGATING IN AN UNBOUNDED MEDIUM (USUALLY FREE SPACE), OR VICE VERSA. In radio equipment, a component used to transmit or receive electromagnetic waves. Radio communication, radio, television, radar, navigation, electronic countermeasures, remote sensing, radio astronomy and other engineering systems that use electromagnetic waves to transmit information all rely on antennas for their work. In addition, in the transmission of energy by electromagnetic waves, non-signal energy radiation also requires antennas. In general, antennas are reversible, that is, the same antenna can be used as both transmitting antenna and receiving antenna. The basic characteristic parameters of the same antenna as transmitting or receiving are the same. That's the reciprocity theorem for antennas.

What is a communication antenna?

What is satellite communication?

Satellite communication is simply the communication between radio communication stations on the Earth (both on the ground and in the lower atmosphere) using satellites as intermediaries. The satellite communication system consists of two parts: satellite and earth station. The characteristics of satellite communication are: large communication range; Communication can be made from any two points as long as they are within the range of radio waves emitted by satellites; Not susceptible to land disasters (high reliability); As long as the earth station circuit can be opened (open the circuit quickly); It can be received in multiple places at the same time, and can economically realize broadcasting and multi-access communication (multi-access characteristics); Circuit setting is very flexible, can be dispersed at any time too concentrated traffic; The same channel can be used in different directions or different intervals (multiple access connection).

What is satellite communication?

Principle of satellite dish

Satellite TV receiving system is composed of: paraboloid antenna, feed, high frequency head, satellite receiver composed of a complete set of satellite receiving station.
1, the parabolic antenna is to reflect the satellite signal energy of the sky into a focus.
2. The feed source is a loudspeaker that is afraid of satellite signals is set at the focus of the parabolic antenna. It is called the feed source, which means the source of feeding energy, and it is required to collect all the energy that will converge to the focus. Feedforward satellite reception antenna basically uses large Angle ripple feed.
3. The high frequency head (LNB is also called frequency reducer) reduces the frequency of the satellite signal sent by the feed source, amplifies the signal and then transmits it to the satellite receiver. The lower the noise level of the high frequency head, the better.
4. The satellite receiver is to demodulate the satellite signal transmitted by the high frequency head, and demodulate the satellite TV image signal and accompanying sound signal.

Principle of satellite dish
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