Carbon Fiber Military Helmet | Military Carbon Fiber Brand

Carbon Fiber Military Helmet | Military Carbon Fiber Brand

Carbon fiber refers to high-strength and high-modulus fibers with a carbon content of more than 90%. High temperature resistance ranks first among all chemical fibers. It is made of acrylic fiber and viscose fiber, which is oxidized and carbonized at high temperature. It is an excellent material for manufacturing aerospace and other high-tech equipment.

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Smartnoble is an excellent manufacturer and exporter of military fire suppression, Satcom, and reconnaissance UAV drone, personal equipment such as thermal sights,laser range finder with tripod,and military&aviation connectors etc.

As a professional defense designer,producer and supplier, Smartnoble invests much in the R&D and has been dedicated to provide the world-class and military standard products.

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Carbon fiber material properties | military carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is mainly composed of carbon elements, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, friction resistance, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. The shape is fibrous, soft, and can be processed into various fabrics. Orientation has high strength and modulus. The density of carbon fiber is low, so the specific strength and specific modulus are high. The main use of carbon fiber is as a reinforcing material to be compounded with resin, metal, ceramic and carbon to manufacture advanced composite materials. Carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composites have the highest specific strength and specific modulus among existing engineering materials. The diameter of carbon fiber is only 5 microns, which is equivalent to ten to one-twelfth of a human hair, but its strength is more than 4 times that of aluminum alloy.

Carbon fiber material properties | military carbon fiber

Carbon Fiber Applications in Composites | military carbon fiber

The reinforced plastic made of carbon fiber is strong and light in texture, resistant to high temperature, radiation, water and corrosion. It is an excellent material for manufacturing aircraft, weapons and corrosion-resistant equipment.
The disadvantage of carbon fiber products is that it is difficult to decompose naturally, and a large number of disposals will cause environmental problems.
In recent years, carbon fiber has been widely used in large aircraft. For example, Airbus uses carbon fiber composite materials to reduce fuel consumption.
In addition, the blades of large wind turbines, the body of racing cars and automobiles are all important factors for the increase in the demand for carbon fiber composite materials.
Bicycles also use carbon fiber composite materials as the frame, but due to the high manufacturing cost of carbon fiber composite materials, they can only be used for high-end bicycles.

Carbon Fiber Applications in Composites | military carbon fiber

Properties of carbon fiber | military carbon fiber

High hardness, high strength, light weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and low thermal expansion
Each carbon fiber is composed of thousands of even smaller carbon fibers, about 5 to 8 microns in diameter, almost entirely made of carbon.
At the atomic level, carbon fibers are very similar to graphite, consisting of layers of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern (graphene flakes). The difference between the two lies in the way the layers are connected.
Graphite is a crystalline structure, and its interlayer connections are loose, while carbon fiber is not a crystalline structure, and the interlayer connections are irregular. This prevents slippage and increases material strength.
Generally, the density of carbon fiber is 1750 kg/m3. The thermal conductivity is high but the electrical conductivity is low, and the specific heat capacity of carbon fiber is also lower than that of copper. When heated, the carbon fibers become thicker and shorter. Although the natural color of carbon fiber is black, it can be dyed a different color.

Properties of carbon fiber | military carbon fiber
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Smartnoble products are not only high quality also stable, such fire suppression system for tanks and armored vehicles.

Top quality in the movable and foldable 3.7meters Satcom antenna.

Smartnoble has the best price performance in the reconnaissance drone, VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) is convenient to operate with controller and little space limit of takeoff.

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