Drone Reconnaissance

Drone Reconnaissance

A reconnaissance drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle controlled by a radio-controlled device or its own program control device. Used for artillery positioning and school shooting reconnaissance. It is an unmanned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and self-provided program control device. From a technical point of view, it can be divided into: unmanned helicopters, unmanned fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned multi-rotor aircraft, unmanned airships, unmanned paragliders, etc.
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Smartnoble is an excellent manufacturer and exporter of military fire suppression, Satcom, and reconnaissance UAV drone, personal equipment such as thermal sights,laser range finder with tripod,and military&aviation connectors etc.

As a professional defense designer,producer and supplier, Smartnoble invests much in the R&D and has been dedicated to provide the world-class and military standard products.

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Introduction of SN-16V-EUAVElectric VTOL UAV

SN-16V-EUAV electric VTOL UAV adopt three redundant safety flight control system, double antenna differential directional,four-in-one highly integrated avionics system, and safer and more secure; it adopts pure electric drive, with a maximum payload of 3kg. 2.5h long endurance; the full-scene modular payload design supports mainstream security payloads (visible light, infrared, etc.), and surveying and mapping payloads (Full frame five spell camera, orthophoto camera, etc.), it can be extended to support more task loads。
The SN-16V-EUAV supports mainstream security payloads (visible light, infrared, etc.)、gas detection etc more task loads.

Introduction of SN-16V-EUAVElectric VTOL UAV

Introduction of SN-39V-EUAV UAV

SN-39V-EUAV electric-gasoline hybrid vertical VTOLsx fixed-wing UAV has a maximum take-off weight of 39kg. Its fixed-wing part adopts a layout of high aspect ratio high-wing, inverted V-shaped tail, double-boom and rear propeller, and its four-rotor part is combined with the double-boom of the fixed-wing part. The UAV has the VTOL ability of the four-rotor aircraft and the fast cruising ability of the fixed-wing aircraft. It can adapt to various complex take-off and landing environments. It adopts a 3-redundancy safe flight control autopilot, which is stable and reliable. It can be equipped with a series of high-precision 3-axis mechanical stability augmentation pod system. The innovative pod-excusive touch terminal reduces the manipulation difficulty of locking and tracking movement target and can efficiently complete the job task in the patrol and tracking application.

Introduction of SN-39V-EUAV UAV

Parameter configuration and introduction of bifocal triaxial 30X visible light plus infrared light pod load

This is a 3-axis 30x visible light zoom stabilization augmentation PTZ. The 3-axis pod designed for the fixed-wing effectively solves the original image rotation problem of the 2-axis fixed-wing pod. It is still highly stable in high- speed flight mode. Stability accuracy reaches 0.01 degrees. Optical 30x zoom, even in the height of 100 meters can still clearly see the face and license plate. Infrared thermal imaging camera supports black hot and white hot multiple display color modes. The product has a one-button back/one-key vertical function of PTZ, as well as follow mode and independent mode. With the tracking and recognition module, the car and the person in the video can be accurately identified, and the tracking can be selected autonomously.

Parameter configuration and introduction of bifocal triaxial 30X visible light plus infrared light pod load

Parameter configuration and introduction of RTK high accuracy positioning module of four in one avionics

The ZTRTK high-precision positioning module of four in one avionics includes RTK and PPK functions, RTK real-time output of centimeter-level accuracy positioning information, and high-precision heading and speed information, is suitable for application scenarios of high-precision positioning requirements. PPK can record satellite original positioning data and can store event information for post-processing to obtain high-precision positioning information.


Parameter configuration and introduction of RTK high accuracy positioning module of four in one avionics
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Smartnoble products are not only high quality also stable, such fire suppression system for tanks and armored vehicles.

Top quality in the movable and foldable 3.7meters Satcom antenna.

Smartnoble has the best price performance in the reconnaissance drone, VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) is convenient to operate with controller and little space limit of takeoff.

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