SN-NORTH FINDER5 3-Axis MEMS North Seeker

SN-NORTH FINDER5 3-Axis MEMS North Seeker

Specification | MEMS

Lead-time: 3months for sample,
1-3months for volume.
No. Specification Value
1. North seeking accuracy secφ: 0.5°
2. North seeking time: ≤6min
3. Holding accuracy: ≤0.2°
4. Working voltage: 4.5V~5.5V
5. Working current: ≤250mA
6. Working temperature: 5~+55
7. Strorage temperature: 0~+85
8. Dimension: 70mm×65mm×43mm
9. Weight: 150g

Advantages | MEMS
The accuracy can be customized, also can be widely used in many fields
SN-NORTH FINDER5 3axis MEMS North Seeker is a highly reliable and cost-effective combination of six-axis MEMS inertial sensors, which can be widely used in navigation, control and measurement fields represented by inertial navigation and attitude stabilization.SN-NORTH FINDER5 3 Axis MEMS North Seeker can be configured with different hardware and software according to the needs of users, so as to meet the needs of different users .
Advanced process and technology
The SN-NORTH FINDER5 3 axis MEMS North Seeker integrates high-performance MEMS gyroscope and MEMS accelerometer in an independent structure. The gyroscope and accelerometer selected in the module represent the leadinglevel of MEMS process inertial devices.The three-axis MEMS gyroscope is sensitive to the angular motion of the carrier, and the three-axis MEMS accelerometer is sensitive to the linear acceleration of the carrier. The zero position, scale factor, non-orthogonal error and acceleration related terms of the whole temperature parameter are compensated inside the module. It can maintain high measurement accuracy for a long time.At the same time, the module adopts the overall vibration reduction, sealing design and other measures to ensure that the product can still accurately measure the angular and linear motion parameters of the carrier in the harsh environment, so as to provide users with a low-cost and high reliability solution.
High precision components manufacturing and system calibration compensation technology. We had accumulated a series of key technologies in the research and development process of this project to ensure the high performance of the products.At the same time, the system adopts high-speed sampling, static error compensation (zero position, scale factor, installation error and other fine compensation in the whole temperature zone), dynamic error compensation and other technologies, to ensure that the product in the user's use process to obtain the best performance.
High quality and reliability Through the comprehensive control of upstream and downstream processes and technologies, the company can effectively improve product quality and reduce system costs.At the same time, the company implements ISO9001 and GJB quality system, and adopts strict process to ensure the reliability and consistency of product performance.

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